Website Promotion Services

Measuring Up offers affordable website promotion services.  Whether you are looking for expert advice, mentoring, or outsourcing part or all of your website promotion needs, we can tailor a solution to assist you.

Website Promotion Consulting Services

The following list outlines the basic consulting services that we offer, but we invite you to contact us for your special needs as well:

  • Preliminary Opinion / Research - We evaluate your current site including it's structure, current search engine saturation, competition, etc. to estimate how much work is required to achieve your desired results. This includes a written report and a consultation to discuss your goals and recommend a path forward. This is a prerequisite for all websites for the following consulting services:
    • Keyword Research - We can help you identify and narrow down the best keywords and keyphrases to target with your website promotion efforts to achieve the best results for the least effort in reaching your target market.  Of course, we can also identify the best keywords and keyphrases for long term branding and target audience reach.  This package includes a written report and one hour consultation.
    • General Opinions / Research - If you prefer to do your own website promotion work, but want expert advice to guide you, we offer consulting for specific questions.
    • Hands-on Website Development - Want to add a blog, mailing list or discussion forum to your site?  We will help you implement, configure or manage scripts to further the development of your site.
    • Log File Analysis - We can assist you with periodically interpreting and analyzing your website's server logs to determine where your traffic is coming from and visitor behavior once they do reach your site.  This is essential to realizing the full potential of your website.
    • PPC Campaign Consulting - We can assist you with the creation, management and/or tracking of pay-per-click ad campaigns.
  • Link Building - We can relieve you of the most time consuming, dreary and important aspects to website promotion - the acquisition of links to your website.  The more links you acquire, the more visibility your site attains.  We will work with you on developing a link building campaign that meets your requirements.
    A Preliminary Opinion is not required for link building services.

We are happy to work with you in providing just the amount of support you desire.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Website Promotion Consulting Fees

We have a simple fee structure for our services:

  • Preliminary Opinion - $60 one time fee
  • Keyword Research - $150 one time fee
  • Basic Consulting Services - Billed at $60/hour for work in accordance with your needs
  • Link Building - $30/hour plus $10/link successfully acquired

Would you like assistance in promoting your website to your target audience?  Order a preliminary opinion now to explore the possibilities!