SEO Resources - Tools, Advice and Forums

This page lists resources that we have utilized ourselves and found useful.

Keyword Research Tools

Google AdWords' Keyword Suggestion Tool [Free] - Find keywords related to your keyphrases.

Google AdWords [Free] - Initiate the process for setting up a PPC ad and see traffic estimates for your keyphrases. You can cancel the process without paying any fees.

SEO Research Labs [$ for full service consulting] - Provides outsourced keyword research services for website designers, SEO/SEM consultants, and "do-it-yourself" webmasters.

WordTracker [Free demo / $$$ for full function] - Keyword research tool that analyzes search data from several meta-search engines.

SEO Keyphrase Ranking / Tracking Tools

Digital Point Keyword Tracker [Free] - This tool allows you track your site's search positions for your keyphrases on Google, Yahoo and MSN. It requires a Google API key (which is also free) and the installation of a PHP script for Yahoo/MSN tracking:

In case you are wondering why you have to install a script on your server to enable these functions is because Yahoo and MSN limit the number of API requests made per day on an IP address basis. So this will make the requests from your server IP. [Free] - This tool allows you to search multiple datacenters at the same time. Warning! Use this tool sparingly - it may violate Google's Terms of Service.

SEO / Webmaster Tools

Check Server Headers Tool [Free] - Check HTTP Status Codes for any URI (includes bulk check feature). Useful for checking for 301 and 302 redirects.

Xenu Link Sleuth [Free Download] - Check your site for broken links. Quickly check other sites for links to your site.

Keyword Density Analyzer [Free] - Compare the keyword density of your site against another site.

Display Emulators and Validation Tools

Lynx Viewer [Free] - See how your web pages look in a text-only browser. This is how most search engine spiders will see your page.

MarketingProf's Wireless/Mobile Device Emulator [Free (requires registration)] - Article includes link to download (for Windows NT, 2000 or XP) a wireless/mobile device emulator. See how your web page is rendered on internet enabled cell phones and PDAs.

W3C CSS Validation Service [Free] - Validate your CSS code and fix errors that might cause problems with browsers in displaying your page correctly.

W3C Markup Validation Service [Free] - Validate your HTML code and fix errors that might cause problems with spiders or browsers in interpreting your page correctly.

Miscellaneous SEO/Webmaster Tools

Search Engine Relationship Chart [Free] - This interactive reference chart shows you the relationships of all the major search engines, PPC providers and directory feeds.

AdWords Keyword Permutation Generator [Free Download] - Generate bounded keyword permutations for pasting into AdWords keyword lists.

File Splitter [Free Download] - Easily split large text files (like monthly server logs) into smaller, more manageable files that can be completely loaded into Microsoft Excel for detailed analysis.

Profit Protector HTML Tool (Affiliate Link Encapsulator) [Free Download] - Generate Javascript encapsulated HTML code to protect your affiliate links from abuse.

E_Cloaker 2.0 [Free Download] - Generate unicode e-mail link HTML code for your web pages.

SEO Discussion Forums

Please note that there are a lot of SEO related discussion forums available on the internet. If you are just getting started, they can be overwhelming and often offer conflicting advice. The following list is not intended to be a comprehensive directory of forums, but rather a list of quality places where anyone can go and learn with a minimum of hassle or confusion.

High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum [Free] - Friendly and dynamic forum with top experts and a web marketing focus.

Cre8asite Forums [Free] - Focuses on web site design as well as SEO.

SEO Chat Forums [Free] - Fast paced forum that with a large membership that explores the technical side of the search engine algorithms.

SEO Articles and Miscellaneous Resources

Search Engine College [???] - Offers classes and certification in SEO & SEM from top experts in the field.

GoogleGuy Says [Free] - Collected postings of an anonymous employee (executive?) from Google.

Inside Out Marketing [Free] - Web marketing articles by Dan Thies.