Link Building

Measuring Up offers affordable link building services.  Because not all links are created equal, we have developed sub-categories for our link building services.  We work with you to attain the types of links that you desire.

Link Quality

While every link offers the possibility of driving direct traffic to your site, in most cases, the traffic from a given link will be insignificant compared to the traffic that the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & MSN) can deliver.  Exceptions are usually found with high traffic portals in vertical markets or tightly themed subjects.  We make every effort to acquire high quality links that will either drive direct traffic or that the major search engines will recognize and factor into their ranking algorithms.

Types of Links

We loosely categorize links according to the following criteria:

  • One-way Links
    • Free Directory Links
    • Paid Directory Links
    • Text Ads
    • Vertical/Portal Links
  • Reciprocal/Triangular Links

We charge $30/hour for our time in researching, soliciting (where necessary) and tracking potential link acquisitions.  Additionally, we charge $10 for every link we successfully acquire for you.  Every billing cycle, we provide a detailed list showing potential pages we researched, pages that we solicited (if appropriate) and successful acquisitions.

All paid links (directories, text ads, memberships, etc.) are either billed to you at cost (plus our fee as outlined above) or referred to you for direct acquisition/payment.

You maintain full control of the link building campaign.  We will work with you to acquire the types of links you prefer and/or to work within your budget.  Sub-contracting inquiries from SEOs looking to outsource link building efforts are welcome.

Would you like assistance with your link building efforts?  Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.